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"Kairos" — premium organic incense sticks from Bali — 11 Gift Pack

"Kairos" — premium organic incense sticks from Bali — 11 Gift Pack

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We, at VAYU, are intoducing our new products from the paradise island of Bali: Kairos and Enigma.

KAIROS - means an auspicious moment; ground woody scent of pure natural sandalwood enriched with traditional Balinese herbs, a gentle yet powerful aromatic base for your meditative practices and rituals. Deepening focus, relieving mental tension..
And yes, natural white sandalwood sounds different from what we are used to. It is rather semi-dry than sweet, more clear and delicate.. Explore and enjoy!

Here they are:
🔸11 pcs. of neat, relatively short sticks.
🔸Hand pressed onto a raw bamboo base (11 cm/4.3" long).
🔸Reveals the aromas of exclusively natural aromatic and essential ingredients: precious wood powders, resins, leaves and flowers.
🔸 Contains traditional Hindu herbal blend for the agni hotra fire ritual: exactly 108 different types of herbs and plants
🔸 A tiny bit of purified ghee butter added to maintain a steady burn.
🔸Carefully packed into a premium-grade gift bamboo pack, engraved with harmonizing VAYU symbol.
🔸 Perforated cork cap can be used as an incense holder! (handle with care!)

🔸Made with love in a small Balinese ashramic manufacture. The product is not mass produced, only limited batches are continually made to preserve the purity and freshness of the blend.

Contain NONE of the harmful additives that are commonly used in the production of most popular commercial brands:
❌ no chemical solvents (no very harmful DEP or just plain bad DPG),
❌ no synthetic flavor bases that have become mainstream;
❌ no potassium nitrate (it is used to ensure stable smoldering in most incence sticks as well as in cigarette production). Instead, some natural and healthy ghee oil is used here!

‼️Please be conscientious when using any incense! Light incense on non-flammable surfaces (such as a stone slab or table, metal plate, bathtub or sink). Use appropriate incense holders, placing them on such flame-resistant surfaces throughout all the incense ceremony. Fire safety is your quest, we are not responsible for any possible fire hazards resulting from careless use of our products‼️

...These are NOT ordinary sticks. We decided not to sacrifice purity and authenticity for convenience and standardization, so please accept this and enjoy their magic!

🙏.. and receive unconditional blessings from eternal spiritual beings, gods and goddesses who feed on the noble etheric fragrances of your incense offering ☺️
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