About VĀYU

Vāyu (Sanskrit: वायु) means "air", "wind".
Air as space, as an element of the Universe.

We are the VĀYU team, romantics and travelers, practitioners and researchers. Based in beloved Ukraine, for more than 12 years we have been traveling to the marvelous corners of Earth, collecting and solving a magical and precious puzzle of images and emotions, colors and scents, sounds and moods.

This is life, this is the journey. What else can get except of experience? Sometimes it is valuable and universal, sometimes it is obvious, and sometimes it is so intimate that you just can't raise your hand to click the "share" button.

Vāyu — is the name of the wind god, the messenger and herald of all gods,
one, who unites the natural elements and ensures the flow of all life forces.

Of course, we can take and bring back more tangible things from every trip: dear trinkets and souvenirs, chests of golden treasures, ancient books and manuscripts, silk or exotic spices..

We decided to share with you something that unites these subtle and physical aspects, something that fits equally easily into a bag and into the soul — namely, rare incenses and aromatic substances from different parts of the world — from India and Indonesia, Nepal, South America and the Middle East.

Because the sense of smell, the perception of odor — is one of the oldest and deepest ways of feeling. Scents carry not only basic information related to life support, but also more ephemeral emotional and sensual, even spiritual, aspects.

"The cinnamon warmth of mother's apple strudel, pine-scented memories of Christmas gifts.. Beloved's one's perfume... The cypress breeze of Mediterranean summer vacations..

Our brain builds incredible associative chains based on what we have seen, heard, and felt. But it is the smells and aromas that are perhaps the deepest foundation of our worldview, connecting our memories and emotions, our feelings, our thoughts and our stories.

So we will be happy to share these pieces of our stories and travels! Choose your flavor according to your mood, light it up, and welcome to bon voyage!

Let's share this magical experience with each other,
let's add our own new meanings to it,
and enrich each of these scents with the reflection of one more soul 🙏