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"Fire Flower" — craft incense sticks

"Fire Flower" — craft incense sticks

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🌿 VAYU scents — are the incenses that boost your inspiration every day and every night, bringing new senses and lifting the mood!
We first discovered them during our trips to the magical land of India, then delving deeper into this experience..
So now we are really happy to share them among our friends and customers all around the globe!

❤️‍🔥 "Fire Flower" — is a bright and red one! Direct, frank and pure. Truly fiery scent, saturated with the solar energy of creation.. Its tender sweetness is raised up with a light notes of pollen and wild honey. Like a good spice, it accentuates the vibe and revives the energy of the place. Whets the appetite, passion and zest for life.❤️‍🔥

Type of scent: deep flower scent for any activity!
Type of sticks: Indian masala-agarbatti
Length (of the bamboo base): 20.5 cm
Quantity per package: 11/33/77 pcs
Approximate weight of a package: 20/50/105 g
Burning duration: 40-50 minutes

Learn a bit more about our products:
✔️ All handmade by a small manufacture in the holy town of Pushkar, North India.
✔️ Free from harmful solvents and chemicals such as DEP (diethyl phthalate). These incense sticks are NOT based on charcoal powder, so they are burning cleaner, unlike the most of popular "mass-market" sticks.
✔️ They contain just HQ natural and perfumed compounds that go together really well — result in a noble and harmonious blend, of which we not ashamed of!
✔️ Irrestibly uplifting and mood-enchancing,
✔️These scents tend to create an atmosphere of heavenly planets, wherever they are.
✔️ So bright and intense fragrant fume, even outdoors! Fits well as an off-label mosquito-repellent: safe, pleasant and reliable!
✔️ Quite an economy choice: we light and stew each stick several times, as their odour is so deep and dense indoors.
✔️ Try different ones, each with its own character: for creative activities, romantic relaxation, morning yoga or a sweet nap!

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